A work in progress…

It’s always nice to give back a little when I do my wedding photography.  I really enjoy making my presentation special and offering unique little bits and bobs.  And it came to me a few weeks ago, I was spending money on generic greetings cards etc.

So I spent a little time thinking and came up with the idea of creating my own stationary set, drawn and designed by myself that I can give out as part of my wedding world. 

I’ve started sketching a few ideas, ranging from thank you cards, bridal cards etc and whilst I’m along way off, (they still need to be coloured) I’m hoping that these little beautiful will be packing their way over to all my clients in 2017!  


Edit My Photo

Sometimes, it’s nice to give a little something back. 

So, for the next 4 weeks, I am going to be holding an ‘Edit My Photo’ session.

Before I held the super powers of my editing, I often looked back at certain photos,  and wished they looked a certain way.  Yes, it’s a little vain, and we are all guilty of just wanting that perfect photo!  Or there were times when I thought, gosh such and such has ruined that photo.  And left it at that.  Professional photo editing can cost an absolute arm and a leg.  

So, heres what I am going to do. 

Once a week, I am going to ask you all to submit a photo that you want editing to my FB page wall.   Then, once a week for the next 4 weeks, I’m going to pick one and edit it ABSOLUTELY FREE!  You will get it edited by me, and retouched to what YOU want it to look like, then I’ll post it up and you are free to use it however you wish!  No catches or costs.  Just a nice little treat for you all.  H̶o̶w̶ ̶b̶o̶w̶ ̶d̶a̶h̶?̶  No please, I’m sorry,I need to stop with the memes.  I’ll try again.  How about that?  

So, get posting on my wall and pop a little comment explaining what is it you’d like me to do with it, and I’ll pick one lucky person for an edit!   If you don’t get picked the first week, don’t worry.  Re-post it on the wall the second week and you’ll be re-submitted for that week. 

So the first one will be edited Friday next week, so you have until Friday to enter.  It will be edited and posted up on Monday.  And So forth. 

And who knows.  If you guys love this section of my page, I may just make this a regular fortnightly treat!

Please make sure that the photo you submit is clear and of a decent quality.  For editing purposes.  Phone photos are absolutely fine, as long as they are clear enough to edit!

So whether its the kids, yourself, your family or even a wedding photo you wish looked differently, upload it to my photo hospital and let me fix it!  Take a look at the example below.  Stella really wanted to have her Mum and Dad in her bridal party photo that she missed off, so asked me to pop them in.  So I did!  Simples.  So anything like this, retouching or getting rid of something, I’ll edit it.  Bring on the challenges!

*To be eligible for the editing, you need to like my FB page Melissa With Love.  

Good night folks. 


Melissa With love

Welcome to my Blog

It’s been a while since I last did a blog, and right now, I have so many amazing things happening in the wedding world.  Not only that, but it’s a great opportunity for you all to see some of the amazing weddings I have undertaken recently.  

So I’ve set the blog back up, so now you’ll be seeing all of my featured weddings, which will no doubt give you more of an insight into my portfolio and how weddings are edited and finished.

So, keep a look out over the next week when I will be publishing my first featured wedding on the blog. 



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